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Dr. S. M. Abdullah, Imam of the Woking Mosque, with visitors in 1951 (Part 1)

Photographs scanned from prints in private collection

(See also Part 2)

Visit of the Iraqi Press delegation, 13th April 1951
(typed caption on back of photo)

Iraqi Press delegation, 13 April 1951

Left: Major J.W.B. Farmer; Centre: Dr. S. M. Abdullah

The Woking Mosque Visitors Book 1948–1954 shows that what must be members of this delegation made entries in that book under the above date. Their entries are as follows:

Faisal Harroun Ali Liwa Elistiqlal Newspaper, Baghdad, Iraq
Abdul Aziz Barkaat Owner of Al-Barid, Basra, Iraq
A.M. Werdawi Editor of “Sadal Ahali”

Visit of the Sultan of Kedah, 6th May 1951
(typed caption on back of photo)

Visit of Sultan of Kedah, 6 May 1951

Left: Mr. Ismail De Yorke of the British Muslim Society; Centre: Sultan of Kedah; Right: Dr. S.M. Abdullah

Note: Kedah is a state in Malaysia. For further information about the Kedah monarchy see this official website. The Sultan in the photo must be Sultan Badlishah, as he was Sultan from 1943 to 1958.

Syrian Press Delegates visiting the Mosque, 13th August 1951
(typed caption on back of photo)

Syrian Press Delegation, 13th August 1951

Dr. S.M. Abdullah is in the centre of the second row; in front of him is Mrs. Abdullah (with the boy)

The Woking Mosque Visitors Book 1948–1954 under this date contains entries of six persons from Syria, with names of various Arabic newspapers.

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