Woking Muslim Mission, England, 1913–1968
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Id-ul-Fitr at the Woking Mosque, 19 March 1961
Prime Minister of Malaya (Malaysia), Tunku Abdur Rahman attends Id prayers, makes speech

(The Islamic Review, April 1961)

Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tunku Abdur Rahman, at Id-ul-Fitr, March 1961

The Imam, Maulana S.M. Tufail, is to his right in the photo, wearing light-coloured cap

According to the report in The Islamic Review, April 1961, an estimated 4000 people attended this gathering. Maulana Tufail led the prayers and gave the khutba. He was followed by Tunku Abdur Rahman who spoke about the need to form a Commonwealth of Muslim countries.

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