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Lady Evelyn Zainab Cobbold

Speech at function to mark birthday of Holy Prophet Muhammad
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Speech by Lady Evelyn Zainab Cobbold at function to mark birthday of the Holy Prophet Muhammad in London

In The Islamic Review, March 1934, there is a report of a function held by the Muslim Society of Great Britain on 14th December 1933, at the Carlton Hotel, Piccadilly, London, in honour of the birthday of the Holy Prophet Muhammad. It says of Lady Evelyn Zainab Cobbold that she:

“acted as the hostess on that occasion, and delivered a brilliant speech on the life of the Holy Prophet which created a vivid impression of reality, it being illustrated by lantern slides depicting Mecca and Medina.”
(This text is under her photo in the frontispiece)

It also says:

“She followed up her lecture with lantern slides showing the Cave of Hira, the Mosque of the Prophet, the Mosque of Qiblatain, the Kaaba, the Grand Mosque, the Tower of the Prophet, Jabal Ohud and various other views of Mecca and Medina connected with the life story of the Holy Prophet. This novel step went a long way to help Muslims, steeped in love for the Holy Places, to live for a brief space of time in the days of the Holy Prophet. As to non-Muslims, it went a long way to impress indelibly the brilliant speech which Lady Evelyn had already made.” (p. 72)

Scanned images of the pages of The Islamic Review (March 1934, pages 75–78) where her speech is printed are shown below.

The Islamic  Review, March 1934, p. 75
The Islamic  Review, March 1934, p. 76
The Islamic  Review, March 1934, p. 77
The Islamic  Review, March 1934, p. 78

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