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The Congress of Muslims in Great Britain

First Assembly of its kind in Britain

held at the Woking Mosque, 25th–26th June 1952

The proceedings of this Congress are reported in The Islamic Review, September 1952, pages 20 to 22. The image below has been scanned from a private collection, and it corresponds exactly with the first photograph in the report in The Islamic Review.

The caption below is taken from The Islamic Review.

Members of the Congress are standing on the steps of the Shah Jehan Mosque, Woking, England. The small gathering includes friends from Egypt, Pakistan, Turkey, Syria, America, West Africa, Zanzibar, Yugoslavia and British Muslims

Group at Congress of Muslims in Britian, 1952

In the above photo the following gentlemen can be seen:

Dr. S. M. Abdullah, Imam of the Mosque Mr. S. M. Tufail, Assistant Imam and Programme Secretary of the Congress Major J.W.B. Farmer, British Muslim of Woking, who chaired the first session
Dr S.M. Abdullah
Maulana S.M. Tufail
Major J.W.B. Farmer

18 February 2020

The photograph below may also be of the same Congress, showing mostly the ladies.

In this photo, Mrs Mahmooda Abdullah, wife of Dr S.M. Abdullah, can be seen:

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