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Dr G.W. Leitner

Writings of Dr Leitner on Islam
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Writings of Dr Leitner on Islam

We have collected here some writings of Dr G.W. Leitner on Islam, in which he very ably corrected Western misconceptions about the Muslim religion and replied to its critics. Note that, these writings being from the late 1800s, he uses the terms Muhammadan and Muhammadanism to mean Muslim and Islam. Sometimes he also uses the Indian term Mussulman for Muslim.

  1. Muhammadanism and Slavery
    — King’s College, London, March 13th 1884.
  2. Islam and Muhammadan Schools

  3. — To the Editor of The Daily Telegraph.
  4. Jihad
  5. Mohammadanism
    — Lecture in London, 6th January 1889. The version available at the above link is a scanned image of its publication in The Islamic Review, May 1961, pages 6–10. It was first published in The Times, July 1889. It had also been reprinted in The Islamic Review of August 1914 from pages 329 to 338.

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